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Children cycling at Wheelathon

Next Event in Cheltenham:   Carol Singing,  14th & 21st December 2019

           - at Cheltenham Supermarkets


 Pictures from our fundraising event  'Family Fun Afternoon ' on  June 16th 2018:






Wheelathon images

Did you know that ....

every pound you give to Cheltenham Christian Aid for this year's project to help refugees in Lebanon and Iraq will be matched at a rate of 6:1.  So, the pound in your pocket  is worth 7 pounds to  refugees from Syria!

if you are a British tax payer, you can gift money too - for every pound you gift aid, the govenment reimburses the 20p tax directly to Christian Aid!

Future events...

14th & 21st December 2019 - Carol Singing for Christian Aid 

      at Cheltenham supermarkets.

19th December 2019, 5pm-7pm.  Street collection with carol 

singing in Cheltenham town centre.   

** volunteers needed - collectors and singers **



            If you'd like to help out, just click on the image to contact us!

Girl with tap at well


Thank you to everyone who supported our Autumn Fair on  9th November.  This raised £1,522 for Christian Aid.

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