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Children cycling at Wheelathon

Next Event in Cheltenham :   Christian Aid Week  ( 10th-16th  May 2021 )     

Family Fun Afternoon

Brass Band concerts December 2020

Did you know that ....

every pound you give to Cheltenham Christian Aid for this year's project to help refugees in Lebanon and Iraq will be matched at a rate of 6:1.  So, the pound in your pocket  is worth 7 pounds to  refugees from Syria!

if you are a British tax payer, you can gift money too - for every pound you gift aid, the govenment reimburses the 25p tax directly to Christian Aid!

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Girl with tap at well

Future events...

For safety reasons, plans for many local fundraising events in 2021 remain uncertain.  But Christian Aid's work remains as essential as ever - if you want to support the work, you can make a donation on the Christian Aid Appeal page.

Events planned for 2021 are:

10-16 May - Christian Aid Week - see details of how to donate.

 If you'd like to help out, just click on the image to contact us!


Christian Aid Week 2020

Although, following  Coronavirus Guidance, it was not possible to do house-to-house collections last year, we still managed to raise just under £8,500 for Christian Aid Week in the Cheltenham area.