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Our current project...

'A Better Life for young refugees in Lebanon and Iraq'

We are currently raising money for a project that supports refugees in Lebanon and Iraq.  The Syrian conflict has  caused a huge amount of displacement, placing  the neighbouring countries sheltering refugees under great economic stress.

While there are 6.5 million people displaced inside Syria, more than 5 million have fled across country borders as refugees.  The vast majority now live in Lebanon and Iraq.  

Christian Aid and its partners are working in Lebanon and Iraq to strengthen the resilience and social cohesion of young refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs), and host communities.

Through education, psychosocial support, economic empowerment activities, advocacy and direct service provision, this project will give marginalised individuals a greater chance to access the services they need to survive and flourish.  

We are aiming to raise over £5,000 for this project, but the money that we raise will be matched 6:1 by 'Bread for the World' , so that what we raise will be worth more than £35,000  as a contribution to the vital work of the project.

...latest news...

Target of £5,000 was reached for the 2018  Ghana project!  Thank you for your support.

Some updates from the  project in Ghana can be found here and  here  (text only).

Girl holding  tap at well
Community meeting in DRC



for 2021

£5,000 becomes


Community meeting in DRC

Previous projects we have supported...

Christian Aid in Cheltenham supports overseas projects by raising  a minimum amount of £5,000.  Our first project was to raise this amount for farmers in Zimbabwe.  Following on from this success, we raised £5,000 again for Palestinian people living with disabilities.  After that, we supported projects to help transform  womens' lives in Afghanistan,  to empower women and girls in Honduras and El Salvador, and to help remote communities in DRC Congo.  Recently we have supported a project for unemployed young people in Ghana.

Community meeting in DRC